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Pilothouse understands the challenges facing today’s brick-and-mortar businesses. Rapidly changing Point of Sale technologies are driving electronic fee structures that can hide unnecessary costs.

To that end, we ensure our clients receive a comprehensive fee audit resulting in the most competitive, transparent, and agnostic credit card processing solutions regardless of hardware choice.

Next Day Settlement
Customer Tracking & Relationship Management
Transaction Analysis
Loyalty Rewards
PCI Compliance
Chargeback Management
Tablet Compatibility

Pilothouse makes online credit card processing possible by sourcing optimal internet payment gateway and providing credit card processing services for all types of merchants. Carefully selected mission-critical gateway platforms automate the transaction between the customer, merchant, and related banks while creating enterprise-wide efficiencies and performing a variety of other important tasks. We offer a comprehensive analysis and strategy to help drive decision-making to the best-of-breed solution.

Dynamic Currency Conversion
International Payments
Interchange Optimization
Recurring Billing
Fraud Prevention
Chargeback Management
Data Analytics
Custom Rules and Reporting
Proximity Marketing
IP, Country & BIN Blocking

Pilothouse mobile solutions allows merchants to accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal cards all at the same low rate, wherever and whenever they are doing business.

The free credit card reader transforms an Apple or Android smartphone or tablet into a mobile credit card machine. Get paid anywhere, anytime.

Customizable app
Unlimited users to your merchant services and account
Detailed in-app and online reporting
What, where, and when your customers are purchasing
Live customer and technical support by phone, email, and chat
“Store and Forward” feature for cell outages
POS software: add tips, tolls to transactions and link to a specific service or person, etc.
48-hour activation
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